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Requesting Office Hours

Commissioner Trottenberg, along with Margaret Forgione, Joe Jarrin, Madeleine McDonnell, and Janice Stroughter, will begin holding virtual office hours to speak directly with employees who would like to raise concerns, ask questions, or offer recommendations to the Commissioner and the Executive team.

For more information and to sign up please send an email to employee_suggestions@dot.nyc.gov.

NYC DOT Coronavirus Guidance banner

NYC DOT Coronavirus Guidance

NYC DOT is currently responding to a novel (new) coronavirus, also referred to as COVID-19. This page is available for NYC DOT staff to obtain the latest information and updates on the Coronavirus 2019 (COVID-19). Please note that the situation is fluid and policies may evolve.

NYC DOT Health Screening Form

NYC DOT continues to expect office staff to telework from home, as we await further notice and guidance from City Hall and DCAS. If you need to go into one of the following NYC DOT buildings (55 Water St, 34-02 Queens Blvd, 30-30 Thomson Ave, 28-11 Queens Pl N, 59 Maiden Ln, 161 William St, 16 Court St, 1400 Williamsbridge Rd, 120-55 Queens Blvd, or 10 Richmond Ter), you must:

  1. Notify your supervisor and receive their approval
  2. Complete the DOT Health Screening Form (on.nyc.gov/doths) online before arriving at the building (must be completed every day)

*Important: To access the form you must be set up for Multi Factor Authentication (MFA). Please contact helpdesk@dot.nyc.gov if you receive an error.

Leave Guidance

The links below set forth City leave policy with respect to City employees who are isolated, quarantined, or who are home self-monitoring in accordance with CDC recommendations. See the summary below:

Leave Policy Changes from 5/1/20 Guidance

  • Following CDC recommendations, the list of COVID symptoms was updated.
  • Following DOHMH recommendations, the time period an employee is excused to be out was changed from seven (7) days from the onset of symptoms, or three days fever free, whichever is longer, to ten (10) days from the onset of symptoms, or three days fever free, whichever is longer.

CityTime Guidance

Effective immediately, ALL locations should discontinue use of the CityTime Data Collection Device (DCD) to record time punch and meal times. Please be reminded all employees who are setup in CityTime to use the DCD's are also setup to use the CityTime Webclock by default. Employees can record their time in, time out, meal in and meal out directly from the CityTime login screen by following the instructions below.

For specific CityTime inquiries contact the CityTime Helpdesk (updated 4/20/20):

  • Monday to Friday, 9am to 5pm:
    • (347) 668-3278
    • (347) 263-4319
  • Saturday, 10am to 12pm:
    • (646) 988-2195

CityTime Webclock via Internet

Due to the current COVID-19 Emergency situation, a temporary update has been made to allow employees with a working CityTime ID and password to enter Time In, Time Out, Meal Out and Meal In using the CityTime Webclock function from any computer or other device that is connected to the internet: webclock.nyc.gov. Only, the CityTime Webclock function is available via the internet.

Once the hours are recorded by the employee, an Approver or Timekeeper can submit the timesheet on the employees’ behalf, as they cannot access their timesheet using the internet.

Employees who are able to access CityTime via the intranet must continue to do so. If you have questions and/or concerns please contact Timekeeping at:

  • (347) 452-4957
  • (347) 834-7259
  • (646) 988-2195

Alternate Work Sites in CityTime

With employees now assigned to work off-site in volunteer assignments or alternative work roles, it is a best practice for these work sites to be captured on their timesheets in CityTime. Because these assignments are COVID related, employees must complete labor allocation and work site location, with the attached instructions. Examples of project descriptions, included but not limited to, are:

  • Food Distribution – Queens
  • Food Distribution – Manhattan
  • Social Distance Ambassador – Queens
  • Hart’s Island – Bronx
  • COVID-19 Testing
  • Contact Testing

The borough of the assignment should always be included in addition to the type of assignment. These assignments should be reflected in the “comment” box on the employee’s timesheet in CityTime.

Recording Overtime for Emergency Response Activities

Recording Emergency Response Work Activities for the 2019 Coronavirus (COVID-19)

Please review the step by step instructions below for recording emergency response activities for the 2019 Coronavirus (COVID-19) on the Overtime Request Form and in Labor Allocation.  ALL employees (except IFA Employees) who work on emergency response-related activities MUST use the appropriate related EMRJ Project and Task(s) (see below and page 2 of bulletin) on the Labor Allocation tab of the timesheet to allocate total hours worked for REGULAR TIME and/OVERTIME. IMPORTANT- Employees must use the Overtime Request form via the left Navigation Bar in CityTime in order to be compensated for the APPROVED Overtime associated with this work.

If there are questions and or concerns please contact CityTime at:

  • (212) 839-9778
  • (212) 839-9780
  • (212) 839-9783
  • (212) 839-9787
Recording Emergency Response Work Activities for Tropical Storm Isaias

All employees who are assigned to work Overtime on Emergency Response activities related to Tropical Storm Isaias should perform the step by step instructions to record their overtime on the CityTime Overtime Request Form. Agency Specific Data Code field: EMRK.

COVID-19 Related Verified Excused Absences

Supervisor or applicable personnel with CityTime access should enter the below in CityTime for COVID-19 related verified excused absences. If there are any questions and/or concerns please contact Timekeeping at (646) 988-2195 or (917) 887-9354.

  • Leave Type: Excused Absence – Reason: Special Excusal Comment: to record COVID-19 FFCRA and partially approve.
  • In instances where there is no access to CityTime, applicable staff must submit a manual timesheet with the leave indicated to the manual timekeeping inbox at manualtime@dot.nyc.gov

Manual Timesheets

If both the employee and their supervisor are unable to access a computer and/or CityTime to access CityTime's WebClock, or is teleworking without remote access, manual recording of the employee's reported time must be done on a manual timesheet. Manual timesheets, recording weekly reporting times, including hours spent volunteering, working in alternate work roles and/or working at an alternate work location, must be submitted to Timekeeping via email at manualtime@dot.nyc.gov (updated 5/18/20). Please do not send any other type of communication to this inbox.

Supervisors with CityTime access must ensure their staff's reporting information is entered in CityTime via the Multiple Timekeeping View (MTV) no later than Monday of the week for the prior reporting period

For further information about manual timesheet submission please contact Timekeeping (updated 5/18/20):

  • (347) 452-4957
  • (347) 834-7259
  • (929) 441-5744
  • (646) 988-2195
Information for Supervisors

A payroll audit indicates there are several completed per diem employees (hourly paid) timesheets, that have not accounted for the weekly PMS hours. These timesheets appears to have been submitted by supervisors, with reporting hours less than the weekly schedule, resulting in the employees being UNDERPAID. Please reach out to ALL supervisors and advised them of the following:

  • A timesheet must be completed for EACH week (there are 2) of every pay cycle.
  • Reported hours must cover the scheduled shift including any use of leave, including LWOP where applicable.
  • Total reported weekly hours must be equal to 35 or 40 hours, whichever is applicable, otherwise an employee will be UNDERPAID.
  • No, there is no mechanism in place to correct/alert/compensate for SUPERVISORY error, supervisors are required and expected to exercise due diligence in getting employees compensated correctly.

If there are questions and/or concerns please call (347) 452-4957 or (646) 988-2195.

Payroll Guidance

The Payroll & Timekeeping Operations General Customer Service lines are open (updated 4/20/20):

  • Monday to Friday, 9am to 5pm:
    • (347) 831-5560
    • (347) 578-5092
    • (347) 668-3278
    • (646) 988-2195
  • Saturday, 10am to 12pm:
    • (646) 988-2195

Paper check pick-up procedures (effective 4/17/20)

There is no check, pay stub distribution or pick up.

Check inquiries (updated 4/20/20):

  • (347) 578-5092
  • (347) 263-1232
  • (646) 988-2195 

If there are any currently UNDISTRIBUTED CHECKS at ANY LOCATION FOR ANY PREVIOUS PAY DATE please contact the applicable employees IMMEDIATELY and advise Payroll & Timekeeping Operations by calling (646) 988-2195 of the employee's name, where the check(s) is located and to submit the corresponding 319 report.

As a reminder under no circumstances is anyone to report to 55 Water Street for any Payroll & Timekeeping Operations services without contacting their Personnel Coordinator or Payroll & Timekeeping Operations at one of the following numbers:

  • (646) 988-2195
  • (347) 263-1232
  • (347) 578-5092
  • (347) 668-3278
  • (347) 831-5560

Direct Deposit

Please note for all future payroll, employees must sign up for Direct Deposit via NYCAPS ESS. ESS can also be accessed via Sharepoint. If employees encounter any problems accessing ESS please call (212) 487-0500 or (646) 988-2195.

There is currently no check or pay stub distribution or pick up at 55 Water Street. All checks generated will be mailed to verified addresses on file.

  • Employees must access ESS to download their pay stubs.
  • Employees can validate their mailing address via ESS or
    • on Tuesdays by calling:
      • (347) 263-1232
      • (347) 578-5092
      • (347) 688-3278
    • All other week days by calling:
      • (347) 688-3278
      • (646) 988-2195

Direct Deposit inquiries (updated 4/20/20):

NYCERS' Guidance

New York City Employees' Retirement System (NYCERS) (as of 4/12/2020):

Effective March 18, 2020, NYCERS’ Walk-In Center at 340 Jay Street is closed to all in-person services.

You may submit completed, notarized forms in the following ways:

Customer Service Hours

Call Center (347-643-3000) is open Monday through Friday, 8 am to 5 pm.

You may experience longer wait times on the phone. Please monitor NYCERS’ website for up-to-date information about how services may be impacted. We apologize for any inconvenience. Please take care of yourself. We hope to be back to full service soon!

Facility Cleaning Guidance

Health officials are still learning about the spread and severity of a novel (new) coronavirus. The links below provides information about transmission and prevention strategies:

DOT Facilities is working with the cleaning crews at ALL locations to ensure that extra wipe downs are scheduled and that supplies are readily avaiable.

General Guidance - Posters

Fleet Operators Guidance

What Should City Fleet Operators Do?

City fleet drivers should go about their daily lives, but take certain precautions:
  • Fleet drivers are encouraged to wipe down their vehicles at least once daily.
  • Standard cleaning & disinfection products are recommended (e.g. Clorox, Purell, Peroxide multi-purpose cleaner).
  • Car washing services are not necessary.
  • Pay special attention to disinfecting surfaces and objects that are touched often, such as door handles, arm rests, and seatbelts, as appropriate.

DOTOSH Guidance - Truck Clean (pdf)

Effective immediately any vehicle(s) driven by an individual with a confirmed case of the COVID-19 virus MUST be taken out of service. This procedure shall also apply to any vehicle(s) where this same individual served as a passenger. The following protocols shall apply:

  • Identify vehicle(s) that were driven by an employee with a confirmed case of COVID-19.
  • Identify vehicle(s) where this same individual served as a passenger.
  • Take vehicle(s) out of service.
  • Contact Fleet Services with vehicle(s) location and Agency Vehicle Number. The vehicle will be taken out of service until it is professionally sanitized.
  • Fleet will contact an outside vendor to have it professionally sanitized on site.
  • Once Fleet confirms vehicle has been professionally sanitized we will contact the Division and it will be put back in service.

Other Resources